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According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in its recent Economic News Realease (June 9, 2016 / March 2016 Data). The average benefit costs for U.S. civilian employers is 31.5% of payroll. This total is comprised of 8.4% health insurance related benefit costs. A comprehensive review of all benefits on an annual basis is a vital part of the budget process. BRG’s team of professionals can assist you with this review.

Our complete review of your plans will focus on the financials and how the choice of plan design has an impact on cost savings. Our experience with both partially self-insured and fully insured products will be very helpful in evaluating which would be best for your company. We will assist you in selecting the most cost-effective funding arrangement and plan designs to meet your financial goals and the needs of your employees.

A basic benefit provided by most employers, life insurance coverage ranges from a flat $10,000 for all employees to 5 different classes combining employer/employee paid with supplemental coverage for family members.

Next to the costs of health insurance, the costs of lost work time due to an extended sickness or disability can have a major impact on both the employer and the employee. The proper design of your disability benefits program to include short term and long term disabilities should focus on rehabilitation and return to work. There are many alternatives to designing a plan that will meet the needs of all levels of employees.

Almost one quarter of U.S. Households – 22.4 million families – are providing informal care for an aging relative. Long Term Care insurance can provide financial assistance with the cost of this care and thereby protect the assets of policyholders. This coverage has been available in the individual market for at least the past twenty years but is now available at group rates. BRG can assist you in evaluating the best way to provide your employees with the opportunity to purchase this coverage.

How employees handle the many challenges in their lives can affect their stress level, self esteem, relationships, health and job performance. We have aligned ourselves with a national company of professional EAP specialists. Their unique blend of business and employee assistance expertise assures you that they understand both your concern for the health and welfare of your employees and their families and your desire to improve your organization’s efficiency and overall performance.

BRG has formed a strategic alliance with North American Underwriters/National Insurance Agency, who services both small and large Connecticut businesses in the area of property casualty insurance. NAU/NIA has the requisite experience and resources to complete beneficial market reviews.

BRG will assist you in providing your employees with opportunities to maintain good health for themselves and their families by coordinating special health fairs, training events, seminars, etc.

BRG has taken an active role in coordinating Smoking Control/Cessation programs as a result of workplace smoking restrictions. The smoker who reduces or ceases to smoke is not the only winner. Employers will save labor costs associated with reduction in absenteeism and utilization of health benefits, eliminate “downtime” of the extended smoke-breaks, and improve morale among smokers and non-smokers.

In the area of human resources management, employee relations, and labor and employment law, BRG has worked extensively with Mayo, Gilligan and Zito, an A-V rated Wethersfield, CT law firm. The members of Mayo, Gilligan and Zito’s Labor and Employment Practices Group serve in a dual role as legal consultants and litigators in all types of labor and employment matters.

BRG is a proponent of providing complementary benefits for employees and their families through access to elective payroll deducted plans. Companies and their workforce can achieve additional value to core group benefits economically and without employer contribution. BRG enjoys a long-term relationship with First Insure, Inc., worksite benefit specialists. They offer extensive product research as well as 22 years of successful communication, service and administration for existing or new elective benefit programs.